A custom system for custom brews


If you have been to our brewery, you've probably looked down upon the production area and saw a room full of shiny stainless steel. The heart of our brewery is the brew-deck. A custom built steam heated system made by Deutsche Beverage Tech joins two different sized brewing systems together. This provides us the ability to brew large enough batches that we can share with the entire state as well as small batch specialty beers that are only available in the Obscure taproom. 

  • The Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) holds up to 30 barrels (930 gallons) and supplies both systems.

  • The large vessels along the wall is our main system. The vessel with the blue motor on top is the Mash/Lauter tun. (MLT). The other vessel with the steam vent is the Boil kettle and whirlpool tun (KWT)

    • MLT1

      • Holds up to a couple thousand pounds of grain

      • Mixes the grains with the water

    • KWT1

      • Holds over 600 gallons of liquid that eventually makes 15 barrels (465 gallons)

  • The two smaller vessels as you go up the steps of the brew-deck is our smaller “pilot” system.

    •  MLT2

      • Holds a few hundred pounds of grain

    • KWT2

      • 3.5 barrels (108.5 gallons)