Where Mark Twain meets spent grain


Our beers will be like our appreciation of literature, with honor and respect to the great classics, while also taking pleasure in new epics and adventures.  We will craft our tales with the finest ingredients, and dare to explore new horizons.

CURRENT TAP LIST: (as of 10/10/19)

1. SoDaKolsch (Kolsch-Style Ale)

2. Backcross Belgian Blueberry (Belgian Blonde w/ Blueberries)

3. Pace Yourself Amber (American Amber Ale)

4. Goddess of Dawn (Saison)

5. Heat Solution (American Wheat)

6. Chronophobia V2 (Hazy/NE IPA)

7. Chronophobia V3 (Hazy/NE IPA)

8. Lunarian Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)

9. Big Chain IPA (West Coast IPA)

10. Acronical (Robust Porter)

11. Coffee Acronical (Robust Porter w/ Coffee)

12. New Beer Coming Soon!

13. Crocodile Courtship (Tart Session Ale/Kolsch Blend w/ Kiwi)

14. Pastry Sour: Key Lime Pie (Sour w/ Lactose)

15. Pink Goddess (Saison with Pink Guava and Passionfruit)

16. Tart Session Ale - Ginger (Tart Session Ale)

17. Bier Grylls Festbier (Festbier)

18. Old Country Lager (American Light Lager)






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